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We dedicate ourselves to produce healthy, smart and proven bloodlines.

Iron Range Goldens offers Quality puppies!

Welcome to Iron Range Goldens, owned by Luke and Jessica Matheson. We are located in a small town of Bovey, Minnesota. We breed quality Golden Retrievers! Our dogs and puppies have plenty of room to run, splash and play! Our dogs enjoy their time running around on 10.5 acres, playing with toys, swimming in our man made pond and playing with our two boys. 

 Here at Iron Range Goldens we start our puppies off right by using a program called "Bio-Sensor"  now known as the "Super Dog" program. We believe early neurological stimulation exercises have important and lasting effects on our puppies. Early neurological stimulation begins at day three and goes through day sixteen. Every day we go through the phases with each puppy, beginning to end. Here is a good article on Early neurological stimulation,

Our dogs have OFA testing and are also tested for Progressive Retinal Atrophy or PRA-prcd, Golden Retriever PRA GR-PRA1 & GR-PRA2, Muscular Dystrophy, Degenerative Myelopathy, Ichthyosis and Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis. 

Our dogs are bred from AKC registered bloodlines from all across America and overseas! We strive for healthy lines that are kind, intelligent and loyal. We have outstanding lines in both field/hunting and show, exceling in obedience, hunt, dock diving, agility, service, therapy and conformation!

Iron Range Golden puppies are born and raised in our home. When they are four weeks old, they are moved from the whelping box in our room, out to a larger playpen area. Our play areas have access for the puppies to start going outside where they can begin to explore their new world. 

Our puppies do not go to their new homes until they are 8 weeks old. The first 8 weeks are a critical time in the development of young puppies. Important socialization skills are learned at this time, with not only the dam but with other littermates.

Puppies will be taken to vet between 6 and 7 weeks for their first set of shots and a head to tail exam! Puppies will be wormed at 3, 5 and 7 weeks. All puppies will go home with a puppy basket, AKC paperwork Limited Registration, Vet Exams and First set of Shots.

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