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OFA Hips Excellent

OFA Elbows Normal

OFA Heart - Echo 

OFA Thyroid Normal

OFA Eyes 

Prcd Clear - Paw Print Genetics

Pra1 Clear - Paw Print Genetics
Pra2 Clear - Paw Print Genetics
MD Clear - Paw Print Genetics

DM Clear - Paw Print Genetics
ICH Clear - Paw Print Genetics

ICH 2 Clear - Paw Print Genetics
NCL Clear - Paw Print Genetics

(Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa) Clear - Paw Print Genetics

(Exercise Induced Collapse) Clear - Paw Print Genetics

(Osteogenesis Imperfecta) Clear - Paw Print Genetics


JH - Junior Hunter

VHMA - Virtual Home Manners Adult

Available for stud - $1400

Click here to open up the Stud agreement.

Venom is a well-rounded young male with an exceptional drive making him an excellent hunting partner. Venom earned his junior hunter title at one year old. He not only has a ton of drive but he is always ready to work and loves to retrieve whether playing in the yard with our kids or working in the field. Venom has an all around happy go lucky, upbeat personality. Venom comes from a strong working pedigree with proven lines. Here are just some of the titles earned in the last 4 generations; junior hunters, senior hunters, master hunters, working certificate excellent, hunting retriever champion, upland hunter, certificate of conformation assessment, outstanding sire, outstanding dam, amateur field trail champion, field trial champion, companion dog excellent, rally advance, novice agility jumper, obedience trial champion and field dog hall of fame! Venom has OFA hips excellent, OFA elbows normal, OFA heart-echocardiogram normal, OFA eyes, OFA thyroid, along with genetic testing! Venom is Clear for prcd, pra1, pra2, ncl, ich 1, ich2, EIC, DM, MD, osteogenesis imperfecta and dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa.

Venom: About
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